The Story of SOL: Illuminating the world through dance

To me, the essence of SOL Dance Company transcends the mere notion of a dance troupe. ‘SOL’ isn’t merely a name; it represents the profound concept of emptiness—a canvas of boundless possibilities. This embrace of nothingness is not an end but a beginning, inviting us to explore the limitless. In the realm of the void, every addition is meaningful, every subtraction a space for new creation. It’s a cycle of renewal, where letting go of the old paves the way for the new, leaving behind only the essence of our collective spirit and the resonating echoes of our journey. We, akin to transient guests in the vastness of existence, find our true authenticity in embracing this nothingness, for it is in being no one and owning nothing that we truly inhabit our space—in the dance company and in the world at large.”

– Eyal Dadon, Choreographer, SOL

In the heart of Be’er Sheva’s old city, within the walls of a historic Ottoman building, lies the soul of a movement revolution – the SOL Dance Company. Founded in 2016 by the visionary House of Dance Association, this ensemble embarked on a mission to redefine the language of dance, making an indelible mark both in Israel and on the international stage.

The SOL Dance Company, under the artistic direction of Eyal Dadon, comprises seven extraordinary dancers, a dedicated rehearsal and band director, and an artistic and media consultant. Together, they form a harmonious symphony of creativity and expression, supported by the robust foundation of the House of Dance’s management team. From its inception, SOL has not merely been a dance troupe; it has been a beacon of innovation and expression, captivating audiences worldwide with its unique blend of body language and storytelling.

Eyal Dadon, both a choreographer and artistic director, is a maestro of movement, guiding his ensemble through the intricate layers of human emotion and societal themes. His vision has propelled SOL onto the global stage, with invitations to leading dance festivals around the world. There, SOL’s performances challenge conventional narratives, weaving music, life, and society into a rich tapestry of dance that speaks volumes beyond words.

Yet, the story of SOL is not confined to the stages it transforms. Embedded within its core is a profound commitment to community outreach, healing, and transformation. In Be’er Sheva and beyond, the SOL Dance Company extends its reach through workshops aimed at using dance as a tool for healing, especially focusing on individuals suffering from PTSD. These workshops embody the therapeutic power of movement, offering participants a sanctuary for expression and personal growth.

Moreover, the company’s engagement with the community unfolds through a series of vibrant events, bringing the joy and inclusivity of dance to the public. Whether it’s through community performances, dance education programs, or collaborative projects, SOL’s presence enriches the cultural tapestry of its home and the world.

Operating from the House of Dance, a site as historic as it is symbolic, the SOL Dance Company is not just performing; it’s crafting a legacy. This building, with its roots deeply embedded in the city’s heritage, provides the perfect backdrop for SOL’s exploratory journey into the depths of dance. Here, within these ancient walls, the company continuously refines its approach, blending tradition with innovation, and in doing so, fosters a dialogue that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers.

The Story of SOL is a narrative of light, movement, and transformation. It’s about breaking boundaries, both on the stage and in society, through the universal language of dance. As SOL continues to illuminate the world with its performances, it also lights the way for a future where dance is a bridge, connecting hearts, healing wounds, and celebrating the diversity of human expression.

In essence, the SOL Dance Company is more than a troupe; it’s a movement, a philosophy, and a community, all woven together by the threads of dance. Through its innovative performances, community engagement, and workshops, SOL not only entertains but enlightens, making every step a story, every movement a message, and every performance a pathway to understanding and unity. This is the story of SOL – a journey of art, heart, and healing that continues to inspire and transform the world, one dance at a time.

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