Empowering Movement, Enriching Culture

In the heart of Be’er-Sheva’s rejuvenated old city, the House of Dance stands as a beacon of creativity, innovation, and community engagement. Through the universal language of dance, we unite diverse cultures, fostering a renaissance of artistic exploration and cultural dialogue. Your support enables us to continue this vital work, making a profound impact on the arts and the community we serve.

Our Mission and Impact

Present and Promote Dance: Last year, our global showcase brought the rich tapestry of Israeli dance to the world stage, celebrating diversity and unity through movement.

Cultivate Community and Accessibility: Our outreach has brought dance to thousands of people across diverse communities this year, making the arts accessible to all.

Serve as a Cultural Beacon: Our cutting-edge facilities have hosted dozens of performances in the past year, each a testament to the vibrant cultural landscape we foster.

Foster International Collaboration and Exchange: Partnerships with dance companies across the globe have enriched our community with a diversity of artistic expressions.

Contribute to Cultural and Economic Development: The House of Dance is a cornerstone of Be’er-Sheva’s cultural revival, attracting tourism and enhancing the local economy.

Champion Artistic Excellence and Innovation: We are at the forefront of artistic innovation, constantly exploring new boundaries in dance and performing arts.

Why Your Support Matters

Every donation fuels our mission to transform lives through dance, from supporting budding talent to bringing communities together. Your generosity ensures the continuity and growth of our initiatives, making you an integral part of our journey to enrich lives and culture.

How You Can Help

One-Time Donation: Choose a donation level that resonates with you, and see the immediate impact of your generosity.

Monthly Giving: Become a sustaining supporter with a monthly gift, providing a steady foundation for our ongoing projects.

Legacy Gifts and Bequests: Leave a lasting legacy that champions the arts for future generations.

Sponsorship Opportunities: Engage your business or organization in a meaningful partnership, sponsoring events, programs, or scholarships.

Donor Benefits

As a token of our gratitude, donors receive:

  • Regular updates and behind-the-scenes insights through our newsletter.
  • Invitations to exclusive events and performances.
  • Recognition on our website and annual report (optional).

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