The House of Dance: A Symphony of Movement Community and Creativity

Innovative Choreography and Daily Discovery

At the heart of SOL Dance Company lies a vibrant collaboration between our dancers and renowned choreographer, weaving together an ever-evolving tapestry of movement. This partnership births a unique language of dance, meticulously crafted and showcased across our diverse repertoire.

2024 Season Highlights

SOL Dance Company launched its 2024 season with an electrifying series of 20 performances. Choreographed by the visionary Eyal Dadon, our tour ignites at Gan Shmuel, dazzles through six mesmerizing shows at the Czech National Theater in Prague, unveils the international premiere of “ZIFT,” and culminates in a grand finale at Suzanne Dellal in November 2024.

Public Engagement Through Workshops

Our commitment extends beyond the stage into the heart of the community. Throughout the year, SOL Dance Company opens its doors for 12 transformative workshops, free to the public in Be’er Sheva. From movement and body awareness to breathing exercises and floor work, these sessions are designed to alleviate stress, foster interpersonal connections, and offer a serene escape from daily life.

Youth Outreach and Education

The magic of dance reaches into the lives of students across the country, with SOL Dance Company conducting workshops in four schools. These sessions not only teach parts of our exquisite repertoire but also inspire a new generation of dancers, touching the lives of 50 students at a time.

Cultural Collaborations in the Negev

In partnership with iconic institutions like the Be’er Sheva Theatre and the Negev Museum of Art, SOL Dance Company enriches the cultural landscape. Our collaboration brings to life unique performances, including “Anush” by Uri Moshe Ofari, blending art and movement within the museum’s walls.

Smilansky Festival

A beacon for independent artists, offering a stage for around 20 visionaries supported by our residency program, culminating in premier performances.

Creators Festival

Hosting approximately 40 independent creators, this festival is a crucible of creativity, culminating on Shavuot evening with a showcase of diverse theatrical and dance styles.

Jazz & Dance Festival

A groundbreaking fusion of Italian jazz and Israeli contemporary dance, featuring performances by Javier Giotto’s legacy quintet, among others, in a unique celebration of music and movement. The second installment of this festival is planned for Q4, 2024.

Inclusive Programs

Offering a wide array of activities, including children’s shows, VR experiences, and creative workshops, tailored for individuals with special needs.

International Conferences

A hub for global dialogue, hosting conferences on climate, energy, environmental quality, and more, sparking significant discussions on pressing issues.

‘DANCE’ City Tour

A partnership with the Be’er Sheva Municipality Old City Development Division, offering a multisensory exploration of dance through the historic cityscape, enhanced by wireless headphones.

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