Dedi Alufer


Dedi Alufer – CEO and Artistic Director

Dedi Alufer, our CEO and Artistic Director, embodies a unique blend of artistic talent and visionary leadership. Born in Be’er Sheva, Israel, in 1973, Dedi has navigated a remarkable journey from a distinguished military career to becoming a central figure in the global dance community.

Early Life and Education

  • Born: Be’er Sheva, Israel, 1973
  • Military Service: Golani command unit, Aguz commando unit team member
  • Dance Education: Studied at the Israeli Opera’s dance school (1995-1997) under Israel’s premier dance educators

Career Highlights

  • Lead Dancer: Israeli dance company Carmon (1997-1998)
  • Founder: DSP Entrepreneurship and Production (1995) to provide professional services to leading organizations, including:
    • Larry and Lillian Goodman Generations Dance Company
    • The Paula Band Ensemble
  • Musicals Producer: Since 1999, produced musicals in Be’er Sheva, collaborating with top directors.

Transformative Projects

  • Moze Enterprise and Production Company: Founded in 2007, turning Be’er Sheva into a cultural metropolis with events like Shlomo Artzi shows, festivals, and international band performances.
  • International Dance Collaborations:
    • Ballet Hispanico from New York tour (2016)
    • World-renowned Georgian dance troupe Suhashvili tour (2015)
    • Ballet Spartacus tour (2014)
  • Dance House in Be’er Sheva: A vision realized for a dance education and performance center in the old city, including:
    • Approval and support from Be’er Sheva municipality
    • Establishment of “Sol” dance troupe
    • Ongoing construction of the Home for Dance building, opening planned for 2021

Invitation to Global Donors

We warmly invite international donors to support our mission to elevate the cultural landscape of Be’er Sheva through dance and the arts. By partnering with us, you will:

  • Foster Artistic Excellence: Support the growth and development of local and international dance talent.
  • Promote Cultural Enrichment: Contribute to Be’er Sheva’s transformation into a global cultural destination.
  • Leave a Lasting Impact: Help realize visionary projects that enrich the community and the world of dance.

Join us in our journey to celebrate and amplify the impact of dance and cultural innovation on a global scale. Your support will not only contribute to the thriving arts scene in Be’er Sheva but also inspire generations of artists and audiences around the world.

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