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The regulations are addressed to both women and men. The use of the masculine language is for convenience only. Therefore, the masculine language in this regulation is the same as the feminine language. These terms of use regulate the use of the website and the various services offered on it.

All purchasers through the website and/or using in any way one of the services provided on this website declare that they are aware of these regulations and their terms and agree to all the terms of the regulations, and that they and/or anyone on their behalf will not have any claim and/or claim against the owners of the website and/or its operators and / or anyone on their behalf except for claims related to the violation of obligations of the website operators according to these regulations and its conditions.

The Dance Home Association reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without any notice, to amend and/or change the provisions of these regulations, the terms of use of the website, the structure of the website, its content, its appearance, including the scope and availability of the services offered therein, and any other aspect involved in the website , its operation and services. The version of the regulations that appears on the website is the version that determines at all times.


In these regulations, the following terms will have the meaning next to them, as follows:

“Booker” or “User” – a person who orders a ticket for a show/subscription through this website and/or any other person browsing the website.

“Performance ticket” or “the ticket” – a ticket for one of the performances in the performance schedule on the website offered for sale on the website.

“Transaction” – ordering a ticket for a show using a credit card on the website or by calling the reservation center.

“Service” or “Services” – options for purchasing tickets for performances through the website. It is clarified that ordering the services through this website is and will be considered for everything and regarding ticket ordering.

“Payment page” – the page on the website, where the credit card details and personal details of the orderer must be filled in as a condition for making a transaction.

Execution of transactions and payment

The stock of tickets for the various shows offered on the website is limited and booking is based on availability only.

The prices published on the website are in new shekels and include VAT as required by law. The Home Dance Association may change all the prices published on the website at any time and without giving any notice and the user (as defined below) waives any claim and/or claim against the association and/or anyone on its behalf in this matter .

Carrying out a transaction on the website will be done by providing the orderer’s personal details as required on the payment page as well as valid credit card details. The credit card will be charged for the transaction at the time of placing the order and will be done according to the details entered.
The purchaser of the card(s) must verify that at the time of making the purchase he filled in accurate and up-to-date identification information. If at the time of making the purchase the purchaser provides incorrect identification details, the House for Dance Association will not be able to guarantee the supply of the purchased entrance tickets. Entering incorrect identification information is strictly prohibited by law and is a criminal offense. The Dance House Association reserves the right to take all legal and legal measures against those who intentionally provided incorrect identification information.

Upon completion of the purchase process and as proof of approval of the process, an order summary will be displayed on the screen. If this screen does not appear, the user is required to complete the purchase procedure through the website or at the phone number that will be published on the website. The municipality will not be responsible if the purchase procedure was not completed as required.


The building of the House of Dance and all its spaces, wherever they are, are adapted and accessible to the disabled and those with disabilities whose entrance to the site and/or their ways and manner of sitting require special treatment, such as accessible seating for the disabled, please inquire by phone before purchasing on the website details about the seating arrangements requested by them.

Collecting/printing the tickets

A ticket ordered through the website can be printed independently/display an order with a barcode on a mobile phone/

Collect at the event box office.


Discounted tickets ordered through the website can only be collected at the staffed hall box office upon presentation of a certificate

and/or a reference indicating eligibility for the discount. If the user did not present a suitable certificate, he will pay the full price of the ticket when collecting the tickets.


Transaction cancellation policy

Cancellation of a transaction can be done by sending a written message to the email hodbr77@gmail.com and you must specify the number of the order you wish to cancel. Cancellation of a transaction is possible within 14 days from the date of execution of the transaction and up to 7 days that are not rest days from the date of the event and together with a photocopy of the ID of the owner of the order in any case of canceling a transaction, a cancellation fee of 5% of the transaction amount or NIS 100, whichever is legally lower, will be charged.

For the avoidance of doubt, tickets bought 7 business days before a show cannot be canceled and no refunds can be received for them.

In case of non-arrival for any reason, no monetary credit will be given.


A request from a guest to exchange a ticket, which he purchased for a certain event with a ticket for that event, at a different time – the same as a request to cancel a transaction; And the purchase process must be restarted.

It is not possible to use the site to change payment methods after placing the order, and in addition, it is not possible to use the site to change the type of payment (for example, from one charge to a credit charge; from a cash payment to a credit card payment, etc.).

If and whenever an event is canceled by the House of Dance Association, the guest will be entitled to a full refund.

If and as long as the booked event is postponed, the ticket purchased for the original date will remain valid for the new date, or alternatively, the guest will be entitled to a refund.

Any change and/or exchange in connection with a ticket ordered through the website can be made by contacting the hall’s office/box office.

And it should be emphasized: it is not possible to make such a change through the website.

Prices and fees

Card handling fee when ordering online or at a call center – NIS 5


The information that appears on the website and the various publications therein do not constitute a recommendation or position or professional advice and should not be based on them and act according to them in any way. Any user who makes any use of this information and/or publications does so at his sole responsibility. In order to link or display the website on other websites, you must obtain written permission from the House of Dance association in advance.


Confidentiality and privacy

The personal details provided at the time of the transaction are stored in the database of the Home for Dance website (hereinafter: the “database”). The information is kept in accordance with the Privacy Protection Law, 1981.

The Home for Dance association takes the necessary measures to prevent intrusion into the website, to maintain the confidentiality of the users’ personal details and to prevent a possible violation of the users’ privacy. However, disruptions cannot be completely ruled out and no full guarantee can be made that confidentiality and privacy will always be maintained. Therefore, the user hereby declares that he understands the content of this section and that the user will not have any claim and/or demand and/or claim against the municipality and/or anyone on its behalf due to injury and/or malfunction and/or disruptions, including one that would result in possible injury in privacy and confidentiality the user’s information as provided by him.

It is clarified that the House of Dance association will not, on its own initiative, disclose personal details to third parties, unless it is obliged to do so according to a judicial order, or if it is faced with the threat of legal proceedings (civil or criminal) being taken against it for acts committed on the site. In these cases, the House for Dance Association may provide the personal details to the party who claims to have been harmed as a result of illegal acts on the site or in accordance with court orders

Intellectual Property

The House of Dance Association has the license to use all copyrights, trademark rights, design rights, as well as all other intellectual property rights, whether registered or not, embodied in the website, services or content of the website, including graphic images, photographs, figures, music , voices, sounds or text on the site. Intellectual property rights as mentioned in the content, services and website are protected by the provisions of the relevant law. No use is made of the website, services or content to grant the user any of the aforementioned intellectual property rights, in the website, services and content.

You may not copy, reproduce, sell or translate any type of information appearing on the website and you may not make any commercial use of the product lists on the website and their details and/or any other details on the website without obtaining the permission of the dance house association in advance in writing. The intellectual property rights on the website, including copyrights, applicable to the information on the website, its content, the graphic design of the website and any other detail therein, are the property of the dance house association only and the user has no right in them.

Use of the site

The user hereby undertakes to use the website in accordance with the provisions of these regulations and its conditions and not to use the website for an illegal purpose and/or in an attempt to defraud others and/or to violate privacy and/or to violate any other right of any person and/or entity and/or any third party and/or For the purpose of harassment and/or spreading “viruses” of any kind and/or anything else that may cause damage to the website and/or its users and/or infringe rights, including copyrights and/or performance rights and/or any other property right.

The site management reserves the right not to allow content to be uploaded or to remove information or content from the site that violates the above at its sole discretion and without giving the user advance notice. It will be clarified that the management of the site will not assume responsibility for any damage that may be caused due to the uploading of information or content by a user contrary to the above.

Warranty and indemnity

The House for Dance association makes every effort to maintain the normal operation of the site. However, the House for Dance association does not guarantee that the service on the website will not be interrupted, will be provided as usual without interruptions and malfunctions, including malfunctions in hardware, software, or communication lines. The House of Dance association will not bear, directly and/or indirectly, any responsibility in the event of a technical problem, and/or interruptions and/or malfunctions on the website and the service provided therein and/or malfunctions and disruptions in the global Internet and/or the various communication lines that allow access to the Internet. Also, the Dance House Association makes every effort to ensure that the website is safe to use and free of any ‘virus’ or any malware and/or other spyware. At the same time, the Dance House Association cannot guarantee that the site will be safe to use and free of malware and/or spyware at all times. The House for Dance Association will not bear, directly and/or indirectly, any responsibility in case of safety problems on the site and/or damage caused to the user as a result of ‘viruses’ and/or spyware and/or other malicious software. All the information provided on this website, as well as the services offered on it, can be used as they are and the user will not have any claim and/or claim and/or demand against the house association for forgiveness, including for the information on the website and/or the features of the service and/or its characteristics and/or or its limitations and/or its adaptation to its needs and/or requirements.

Termination of website activity

The Home for Dance Association reserves the right to stop at any time, at its sole discretion, the activity of the website and/or the sale of tickets for performances through it and without any warning and the user shall not have any claim and/or claim against it.

Use of user information

The Home for Dance Association reserves the right to use the email address or the mobile phone numbers specified by the user in order to improve the services it offers, to contact the user and provide details about certain events and for statistical needs. To the extent that the user does not wish for the Home for Dance Association to use these details, He is asked to contact customer service or remove himself through the website.


The laws of the State of Israel will apply to these regulations. Any dispute concerning the regulations will be under the exclusive authority of the competent court in Beer Sheva.

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