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Eyal Dadon – Artistic Director

Eyal Dadon: Artistic Director and Choreographic Innovator

Eyal Dadon, a prominent figure in the world of dance, serves as the Artistic Director of the Sol Dance Company & House of Dance in Be’er Sheva, Israel. Born in 1989 in Be’er Sheva, his early foray into dance at the age of 17 at the ‘Bat Dor’ dance school set the stage for a remarkable career in classical and modern dance.

Professional Journey

  • Education: Initiated dance studies at 17, ‘Bat Dor’ dance school, Be’er Sheva.
  • Military Service: Achieved “outstanding dancer” status during his service.
  • Early Career:
    • Joined “Kama” dance company in 2008.
    • Became a part of the young kibbutz dance company in 2010, later joining the adult company under famed choreographer, Rami Baer

Career Milestones

  • Principal Dancer: 5 years with major works in Israel and international tours in Europe, North and South America, and the Far East.
  • Leadership Roles: Transitioned to director of rehearsals and assistant house choreographer.
  • Workshops and Creations: Led workshops globally and created works for prestigious dance companies and schools worldwide.

Contributions and Creations

  • Founder: SOL Dance Company (2016).
  • Notable Works:– “t, o tun, e” (June 2011)
    – “Sol” (December 2013)
    – “My Entrance” (June 2014)
    – “5 and a HALF” (January 2014) – Collaboration with Oz Moulay
    – “Pishpesh” (August 2014)
    – “Will Arrive” (December 2014) – Collaboration with Liran Michaeli
    – “Finally, Will Arrive” (December 2014)
    – “Surrendair” (January 2015)
    – “Croissant to the Moth” for KCDC (March 2015) – Collaboration with Martin Harriag
    – “Human Hero” for JDT (Jerusalem Dance Theater) (April 2015)
    – “LACK” (June 2015)
    – “H’r H’r Inside” for the Gaathon dance workshop (November 2015)
    – “In the Garden” for the “Rout” program, Tel Aviv (December 2015)
    – “Madame George” (December 2015)
    – “Layers” for Xie Xin Dance Theatre (August 2016)
    – “Clearance Sale” for SOL Dance Company (September 2016)
    – A piece for the young kibbutz dance Company (January 2017)
    – A piece for the “Stanislavsky” ballet in Moscow (March 2017)
    – “DU-K Dance Show” for SOL Dance Company & 9CDT Beijing (August 2017)
    – Full evening performance for “Chang Dance Theater Taipei” (September 2017)
    – “TOML” dance show for SOL dance troupe (August 2018)
    – “Algo” for the SOL dance troupe (August 2019)
    – “George 2.2” dance show for SOL Dance Company (December 2019)

Awards and Recognitions

  • Israel-America Cultural Foundation: Full scholarship (2007-2009)
  • “Outstanding Dancer” Award: (2008)
  • Eurogarde (Bulgaria): First prize for “Intro” (2013)
  • “Yair Shapira” Award: For contribution to dance culture in Israel (2014)
  • International Dance Competition: First prize in Hannover, Germany for “Fishpesh” (2015)

Invitation to Support

We invite international donors to support the groundbreaking work of Eyal Dadon, the SOL Dance Company & House of Dance. Your contributions will:

  • Empower Artistic Growth: Support the creation of innovative dance works and the nurturing of talent.
  • Enhance Cultural Exchange: Enable international collaborations, workshops, and tours.
  • Sustain Innovation: Help continue the development of unique dance languages and techniques.

Join us in championing the transformative power of dance and creativity through the visionary work of Eyal Dadon. Your support is crucial in advancing the cultural and artistic landscape, both in Israel and globally.

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